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Weex Dunx and the Quota
   Individual Price - $24.95
   Institutional Price - $175.00

Semmiñ Ñaari Boor (Double Bladed Axe)
   Individual Price - $29.95
   Institutional Price - $225.00

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Sliding-Scale Discounts: For individuals outside of the US and Europe who cannot afford the prices above, then the price is whatever you can afford. Please pay at least the price of duplication $4.95 per DVD. If you wish to use the sliding scale discount, please send a short note to Jesse.Ribot@gmail.com explaining why you need the discount. To use this option please enter the amount you can afford to pay in the "Purchase Amount" box or specify it on the order form.
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If online ordering is not convenient please view and print the Order Form above. Both US and international shipping is available. For bulk estimates, please write directly to Jesse.Ribot@gmail.com.

DVD format and playing questions
NTSC is a DVD format commonly used in North America. PAL is the format common in the rest of the world. Some old DVD players will read only one or the other. Most new DVD players read both formats. Computers can read either format, so for computer use of this DVD it is not relevant which format you choose.

Note on DVD Playing Software: There are many DVD playing softwares available on the market. They vary in stability and in the varety of DVD formats they can support. There is a freeware DVD player called "VLC media player." This can be downloaded for free (see http://www.gofree.com/vlcmediaplayer.php?gclid=CMiTw4271aYCFQTrKgodhTmzGw). VLC media player is among the most versitile stable stable player available. I recommend you download and use it for showing DVDs on your computer.

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