Pape Faye                   Jesse Ribot

Pape Faye

Note: This Biofilmography will eventually be translated into English.


Professeur d’art dramatique & technique de communication
Acteur & metteur en scène
Directeur de la troupe Zénith’art de Dakar
Réalisateur audio-visuel / Poète-écrivain
HLM grand Yoff villa n°1001 Dakar-Sénégal
Tél. (221) 77 634 12 55 / 76 691 43 43 / 33 827 38 39



Jesse Ribot


Jesse Ribot is an Associate Professor of Geography and Director of the Social Dimensions of Environmental Policy Initiative at the University of Illinois since 2008. Ribot was a Senior Associate in the Institutions and Governance program at the World Resources Institute from 1999 to 08. He has been a fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology, a Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars Fellow, a MacArthur Fellow at the Harvard Center for Population and Development Studies, a fellow at the Yale Program in Agrarian Studies, lecturer in the Department of Urban Studies and Planning at MIT, and has worked for numerous development agencies. He conducts research on decentralization and democratic local government; natural resource tenure and access; distribution along natural resource commodity chains; and vulnerability in the face of climate and environmental change.

Ribot is has conducted research on the political economy or forestry for over 25 years in West Africa. In 2006 Ribot and a team of young Senegalese CODESRIA (Council on Development of Social Science Research in Africa) researchers had the opportunity to present their research findings in a National Forestry Policy Forum in Dakar. To get across his main points about injustices in Senegal’s forestry sector to a resistant audience of foresters and NGOs, Ribot hired a team of Senegalese comedians directed by actor and director Pape Faye. Together Faye and Ribot produced a skit for the Forum. It was a great success. The next day they began filming their first joint film, Weex Dunx and the Quota: The Plucking of Local Democracy in Senegal. Based on the power of this film communicate the absurd oppression perpetrated by Senegal’s Forest Service backed by international ‘development’ projects, Faye and Ribot produced their second film, Semmiñ Ñaari Boor presented in this application. Ribot developed the scenarios and co-directed these two films. Weex Dunx has been shown in Universities throughout Africa, Europe and North America and in rural sociology and forestry meetings from Brazil to Beijing. The film Semmiñ Ñaari Boor has been shown in eight venues since the premiere showing of a first cut at the Duta Seck Cultural Center in March 2010 in Dakar. Ribot lives and works in the middle of the great plains of the US in Urbana, Illinois. For more information see