Stories by Jesse Ribot turned into films by Pape Faye and Jesse Ribot

This web page provides information on and access to the films Weex Dunx and the Quota: The Plucking of Local Democracy in Senegal (24 minutes, PAL and NTSC, 2007) and Semmiñ Ñaari Boor (49 minutes, PAL and NTSC, 2010) based on stories by Jesse Ribot and co-directed and produced by Pape Faye and Jesse Ribot. Weex Dunx and the Quota tells the story of how Senegal’s forest service turned the Nambarakounda’s elected rural council president into a chicken. Semmiñ Ñaari Boor, or ‘double bladed axe’, is about how Senegal’s forest service is two-faced, enticing forest villagers of Daru Fippu into a forest management project that profits the rich urban merchants while leaving the villagers poor. The films both address obstacles to the making and implementation of fair forest management policies. This web page provides descriptions of each film, information on the research behind and making of the films, and access to copies of the films.